things to see on bonaire

The island of Bonaire is just 24 miles long and between 3 to 7 miles wide.  An Island Tour could include: Lac Cai, a secluded corner of Lac Bay with live music on Sundays, the flamingo sanctuary at Pekelmeer, Pink Beach with its palm trees, the slave huts, a snorkel or dive at 1000 steps, sunset at the salt mountains and a drive to the indian cave inscriptions at Boka Onima.  The Washington Slaagbaai National Park is well worth a visit for its amazing landscape and takes a minimum of 3-hours.  A picnic or BBQ on Klein Bonaire is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon.

washington slagbaai national park 


The Park comprises some 13,500 acres of stunning flora and fauna, including a number of beaches to snorkel from.  It boasts over a hundred species of birds and includes the Island's highest elevation, Brandaris at 784 feet.  There is a clearly marked trail for climbing Brandaris.  The terrain in the park is pretty bumpy and only 4-wheel drive vehicles, with a spare tyre, are allowed to enter, but tours are available.


salt mountains & pekelmeer


The Salt mountains are an impressive sight.  Huge mounds of sparkling white salt set against the colourful lakes of deep blue, purple and pink salt pans.  Using solar energy the salt pans are one of the most environmentally conscious plants in the world.


The Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary is one of only four areas in the world where flamingos breed.  The Sanctuary is located on the vast saltpans at the southern end of the Island and home to over ten thousand flamingos.  Other species such as osprey, cormorants, heron, frigate birds and other marine birds can also be found here.

klein bonaire


A small uninhabited island, comprising some 1500 acres, and home to turtle nesting grounds.

Just off the water front at Kralendijk, Klein Bonaire is a great spot to go for a picnic, to swim and snorkel.  Water taxis run from Spice Beach or Karel's Bar.