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We get lots of questions about the beach and sailing area, so here is the detail (ps. the wind is ALWAYS from the East !)


The bay is formed by a reef along B and a chanel at A.  The light blue area is all waist deep to shoulder deep at the reef.  The fishermen moor at F and sail out through H and A.


Sorobon Beach where the two windsurf centres are based is at E.  Though there is a small beach opposite the villa at G there are jelly fish and seagrass, so not an area for swimming nor launching from.  


The waves at J can be vicious and involve a hack upwind.  They are NOT for intermediates.  Locals will make the trek on really good days.


The principle sailing area is C (just under 1km) which is always standing depth or D (2.2km) over to the mangroves and another 2.2km back !!  You can stand right over by the mangroves, but it is a bit squelchy under foot !


To get to the sailing area/beach from the villa requires going around via road.  It is only 3-minutes by car, 12 minutes by bicycle or a 20 minute walk.